About the Forum

The theme of the 2018-19 Notre Dame Forum is "The Catholic Artistic Heritage: Bringing Forth Treasures New and Old." Catholicism, with its sacramental vision, has a rich heritage of inspiring and sponsoring artistic creativity of various forms as a means of expressing, exploring and deepening faith. The great medieval cathedrals, sacred music of various ages, Renaissance painters and literary figures such as Dante are some prominent examples. This tradition continues today in artists of various Christian traditions who create works that invite audiences to explore and deepen their faith. Moreover, there are artists who are not Catholic or even believers who find inspiration in and develop themes inspired by this Catholic and Christian tradition of art – themes such as love, sin, sacrifice, atonement, and redemption. Especially important in this regard is the influence of the Catholic social tradition on artists who explore injustice, and commit their thought and creativity to support for the suffering and oppressed.

This Forum will recognize and celebrate this artistic heritage, broadly conceived, and explore how that tradition continues today in various ways in various artistic forms.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Notre Dame Forum has featured major talks by leading authorities on issues of importance to the University, the nation and the larger world, including the challenges and opportunities of globalization, the role of presidential debates, immigration, sustainability and the place of faith in a pluralistic society.